Serving as a volunteer with the Waterville and District Fire Department can be very rewarding and you will become a valuable asset to your community. It will be a challenging commitment that you share with 70 other members of the Department.  You will also meet many new friends with the same interest throughout the county. Along with responding to alarms, there will be a training sessions every Monday evening starting at 7 pm; a monthly meeting the first Tuesday of each month; additional training may be required on the weekends and you may be asked to serve on various committees within the Department. You may want to expand your knowledge and further your commitment and become a Medical First Responder or join one of the special teams in the county such as the High-Angle Rope Rescue Team or the Hazardous Material Emergency Response Team.

     If you are up to the challenge, this is how we can make it happen.

      Submit an application to the membership committee. You can email it or drop it off at the base station (1415 County home Road) any Monday night. Within the month, the membership committee will have an interview with you explaining the process and commitments required to become a member.  You will have an opportunity to ask any questions you may have at this time.  Next, the application will be brought forth to the membership at a monthly meeting. The applicant will be invited to sit in on the weekly training sessions to observe how thing are done and to meet fellow firefighters. After the month of observation the application will be read at the monthly meeting to the members and voted on. If the applicant is voted in as a probation member, they will be given a probation log book. After the first section is completed, safety and department orientation, the probationary member will receive a pager, and personal protective equipment (PPE). At this time the probationary member will also be able to respond to alarms. However, this will be limited on the level of training obtained.

      The probation members progress will be reviewed every six (6) months and must be completed within two (2) years at which time they will moved to an active member.

      The Waterville and District Fire Department requires all members have basic life support training (First-Aid, CPR, and Defib), attend 30% of alarms, attend 30% of training, attend 30% of monthly meetings, and within the first 2 years complete the NFPA Level 1 Fire Fighting training course offered by the Kings County Firefighter Association or the Nova Scotia Firefighters School.