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Serving as a volunteer in theWaterville and District Fire Department is both a rewarding and challenging commitment. Membership involves attending weekly trainings on Monday evenings, from 7:00pm to 9:00pm, responding to alarms, attending meetings and serving on various committees within the department


The process of joining the department begins when an individual submits an application to the membership committee. On a monthly basis the committee reviews applications and considers applicants for an interview. The interview is a fairly informal process by which the membership committee can ask some important questions regarding the commitment and availability of the applicant, as well as providing the applicant with a realistic picture of service in the department.


The membership committee will present the applicant for voting at the monthly meeting, (first Tuesday of the month), of the department. At this meeting, members will vote on each applicant, by secret ballet, to determine their acceptance in the department. If the applicant is voted in as a new member, they will be outfitted with bunker gear and a pager, and will begin their service with the department as a probationary member. While probationary members may begin attending alarms right away, their duties on alarms will be limited as they are still in the process of receiving their initial training; which often requires extra commitment in the
early stages of membership.

After 6 months of service in the department the probationary member will be reviewed by the Personnel Committee. Following one year of service, the Personnal Committee will again review the member and if in good standing may remove the individual from their probationary  membership period.

During the first two years as a volunteer in the department, every member is required to complete the NFPA Fire Fighting Level 1 training course offered through the Kings County Firefighters’ Association and the Nova Scotia Firefighters School. In addition, every member of the department is provided with training in basic life support (CPR-C and Defib and First Aid). Although
membership is a significant time commitment, serving as a volunteer in the Waterville and District Fire Department is a rewarding experience for those who wish to give back to their community. “We never close.”

Please feel free to complete an application and return it, in person or mail, to the Waterville & District Fire Department.

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