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The Waterville and District Fire Department war formed in 1924, has served the villages of Cambridge and Waterville for 82 years and was previously known as the Waterville/Cambridge Fire Department. When Grafton and Woodville joined the name became too long and it was change to Waterville & District Volunteer Fire Department. The department receives an annual operating budget from the Village of Cornwallis Square.

The Village of Cornwallis Square was Incorpated in 1947. Its funds are used for fire protection, side walks, recreation, and cross walk personal for the residents of Waterville, Cambridge, Grafton, and Woodville. Their funds are generated by means of taxation and Municipal grants.
The fire fighters raise monies each year which goes towards the purchase capital items. Some fundraisers have become annual events and are eagerly anticipated by the community. One such event is the Double Barrel Auctions, which are held each fall.  The event allows members to canvass the communities they serve for donations and to put a face to the department. In the summer the chicken barbecue draws support from tourists and surrounding communities.


Usually by the first of November the requests for New Years Eve tickets begin.  This event has been sold out since its onset.


The auxiliary caters to various events throughout the year and make a generous donation to the department.

Throught year the banquet hall is booked for weddings, retirements, dances, benefits, etc. and by corporate companies for meetings or banquets.


The fire district begins on the east end of the sidewalk in Cambridge running to the Shaw Road and Buchanan Road as its western boundary.  Tory Lane in Woodville marks the eastern line on the 221 highway running west to Pleasant Valley Road.



The northern perimeter is marked by the Bay of Fundy with the south extreme begin just beyond the Prospect Road.



At present we have an active membership of 65 men and women with 5 vacancies.

Our department consists of two stations. The first is Station #1 or Base Station and is located on the County Home Road in Cambridge on land that was donated and leased from Michelin North America Canada LTD. This building was built in1994 at a cost of $600,000. The Village contributed $500,000 and the Department earned funds by selling brick or placks to complete the banquet hall side at a cost of $100,000.



Station #2 is located on Highway 221 in Woodville, on land donated by Dave Lacey. Originally an old barn styled garage, it was replaced with the present steel structure in 1990 at a cost of $110,000. The second station was created to allow a faster response to calls on the north mountain.